We are in association with a unit of large production and sale of powdered gold and bullion in Africa (Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Burkina-Faso). We immediately have a large quantity of gold to sell. Delivery to destination.

Here are the FCO characteristics

Commodity: Au Metal (Gold)
Origin: West Africa
Form: Powder and ingot
Quality: 22 carats more
Purity: 96%
Quantity: 5 Tons

Delivery to destination after sample testing at refinery
Shipping: From 5 to 100 kg and more for a first shipment
Packaging precision: Shipping packing box.
Laboratory: Ministry of Mines (OBRGM)

FOB price: 37.000 $/Kg


Cash payment or bank transfer.

We have a refinery in place for product verification before purchase. We award a commission to those who can find us potential customers. For all requests please contact us for a favorable response. Currently we are looking for serious buyers with whom to work

Contact: freinolt@gmail.com


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